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Fed Group Impact Farming Ventures: An easy fruitful investment option.

There are many options when it comes to investing, and each option has its own benefits and drawbacks. When it comes to investing with Fed Group Impact Farming Ventures, there are a few things to consider. The first thing to consider is the potential return on investment. Impact farming ventures typically have a higher potential return than traditional investments, such as stocks or bonds. This is because they offer a unique opportunity to invest in a growing industry while also making a positive impact on the world. Another thing to consider is the level of risk involved in the investment.…

Solar Power
Investment | Saving and investing | south africa

With the Power of the Sun Earn Solar & Steady

Investing in the sun with solar panels has never been easier. Sun Exchange helps you invest in as little as one solar cell and then makes you will receive payouts from the rental agreement with the panel owner, Sun Exchange is the world’s first peer-to-peer solar leasing platform. It’s a great way to invest in the solar industry and earn a little income. The economy has been growing for years, but it’s been slow and steady. That means jobs are hard to come by, and people are having a harder time making ends meet. Investing in solar panels can help…

Sleeping is like time travelling

Sleeping is like time travelling, It is also a space in time to organize your thoughts.

Sleeping is a time to organize thoughts, rejuvenate the body and prepare for the next day. It is also an opportunity for your brain to take a break from absorbing information. It clears your head giving you a fresh perspective on life. There are many benefits to sleeping like it allows you to: Decrease heart rate, blood pressure, and stress levels. Boost memory recall and learning ability. Reduce appetite. Improve mood and concentration. It has a huge impact on our health. Sleep deprivation can lead to weight gain, affect your mood and even your brain function. therefore it is an…

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Photography freezing, a glimpse into history

The film is now a relic of the past. But the power of a photograph is still there. It can last for centuries and give an eternal glimpse into history. – I love Photography Photographs are like time capsules that we carry with us everywhere we go to preserve memories. It is important to have photographers who can capture the moments because as they age, our memories can also fade and become brittle over time.

Video by MART PRODUCTION from Pexels _ Walking
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Walking – Breathing – Present

I love walking and hearing the ground crunch beneath my feet, it’s calming and eases my mind. I love feeling the breeze and breathing the cool air while watching the trees sway with each step. I love hearing birds chirping through the leaves as they rustle about. I love how it smells like fresh-cut grass and dirt, coming from all around me, I’m present.

Here’s how I’m Stashing-Investing-Empowering
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Here’s how I’m Stashing-Investing-Empowering

This is not a sponsored post I just think this is a dope app. Now that I have submerged myself in the stashing & investment world I was looking for a foolproof plan of safekeeping my change so I figured I’d use a plastic piggy bank, but the urge to spend is so strong I kept nipping cash for immediate want satisfaction, such as my Coke craving needs so as you can see keeping money in a plastic pig wasn’t an option any more. So are you even stashing? Now that I have submerged myself in the stashing & investment world…