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Arts Highlight & New Music- Courus with Timeless

Courus | Timeless

Arts Highlight & New Music

Courus is from a town called Uitenhage situated in Nelson Mandela Bay Port Elizabeth.She says that the love for music goes as far as she can remember being influenced by singing Choirs, performing in High school dramas & Girl groups, to mention one called “Confrontation”.Courus further studied a 3year course in Music Education & now is a full-time performer and aspires to be one of South Africa’s musical grates. 

Her style can be described as Neosoul, Afropunk/Pop, and an overall Jazz contemporary styled vocals, Courus has being heard working in writing new music which is a fusion of all the mentioned styles blended together to create a unique sound that is not heard on everyday bases something that the listener would appreciate.Now talking about the latest track called “Timeless”  wich very different in the sense of how it is essentially a downbeat style neo souls track that leans towards the more commercial sound platform but it still retains a lot of Her Jazz influences infused in.Courus also performed the track live at Her first show at the Athenaeum in Port Elizabeth to a Sold out show.

The response from the crowd was astonishing because of how fresh the track is, veryone was grooving along and dancing to the beat.The overwhelming excitement of the release of the track, that took over 4 months to be released is finally over and the response is great because people have been hearing the song on BayFm. 

So finally here’s the Official music video for Timeless ft. Chad Smith x RSCO x Courus.

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