Dope TBT | Portraiture & Studio Light Experimenting

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A throwback to portraiture & Studio light photography.

Last year at The Media Workshop, I wanted to shoot more, so I decided to bring my camera along as much as possible and experiment with natural light and when we had access to the studio, try to recreate light setups that we have seen before in editors and music videos. We were also challenged to shoot short skits that had a very short time limit to we could push our creative ideas out quickly, work together and make a piece of content that’s funny | Here’s that film challenge

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Vinny’s 21st Birthday Shoot | Magennis Park & Willowdam

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Vinny’s 21st Birthday Shoot in Magennis park & Willowdam area, I was betting on the light cloud cover to aid in cutting back on the harsh afternoon light, and we were in good time with the afternoon breeze blowing in a light cloud cover for the area and so we got some really great shots.

Big thanks to Rava also known as “Die Kleurlingklong” for contracting me for Vinny’s shoot and photography at the reception venue, which was the Volkswagen People Pavilion. This was also my first time shooting there, it was really interesting and would love to have another opportunity to shoot there again with more time, also I liked how the afternoon sun pushed through the windows on the top floor.

Vinny's 21st Birthday Shoot at Willow dam
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Three-week Film Challenge | Girls vs Guys

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Film-Challenge 2

The Media Workshop has set this Film challenge to put what we have learned so far to the test and feel how each role in the film making process works.

The challenge involved two teams: Girls vs Guys. Each team was given a task to create one Film skit per week – over the course of three weeks – each with different themes and durations. The trick was to start with the shortest, then adding 15 seconds every week after that.

Below are the three skits that were created by the girl’s team, also known as “The Ghelz”. #SkitChallenge – excerpt written by That’s my Crown

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#4 Photoshop Daily Challenge_Collage_Source_Main Header

PS Daily Challenge Day Four – Collaging

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PS Daily Challenge Day Four –
Collaging, using the cutting & selection tools in Photoshop. At first, this looked very simple and I quickly got the hang of it but I was struggling with creativity because collaging is so abstract and I didn’t want it to look too cluttered.

Main Header PS Daily Challenge Feb_2019_Tamplets_Source_Header

PS Daily Challenge Day Three – Modifying Templates

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PS Daily Challenge Day Three – Modifying Templatess So in Day three we worked with the Templates feature in PS allows you to use premade Mockups such as Books, Cups and Shirts with premade textures and lighting effects so you can quickly visualise your image on a physical object. This I found a little tricky…

Main Wide_Header Socile media Cover image.png

PS Daily Challenge Day Two – Working with Layers

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Day Two – Working With LayerOn the second day, we were taught how to use layers and combining it with layer modes for a type of masking effect by eliminating colours, I also saw how to select using the “magic wand” tool.