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PS Daily Challenge Day Four – Collaging

PS Daily Challenge Day Four – Collaging, using the cutting & selection tools in Photoshop. At first, this looked very simple and I quickly got the hang of it but I was struggling with creativity because collaging is so abstract and I didn't want it to look too cluttered.
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PS Daily Challenge Day Three – Modifying Templates

PS Daily Challenge Day Three – Modifying Templatess So in Day three we worked with the Templates feature in PS allows you to use premade Mockups such as Books, Cups and Shirts with premade textures and lighting effects so you can quickly visualise your image on a physical object. This I found a little tricky…
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PS Daily Challenge Day Two – Working with Layers

Day Two - Working With LayerOn the second day, we were taught how to use layers and combining it with layer modes for a type of masking effect by eliminating colours, I also saw how to select using the "magic wand" tool.

WTF are you even Stashing

Now that I have submerged myself in the stashing & investment world I was looking a foolproof plan of safekeeping my change so I figured I'd use a plastic piggy bank, but the urge to spend is so strong I kept nipping cash for immediate want satisfaction, such as my Coke craving needs so as you can see keeping money in a plastic pig wasn't an option any more.

Saving,Investing so Emotional

Around two years ago I started to notice how much I was living from paycheck to paycheck and I couldn’t figure out a system of saving that gave me the flexibility to save money without having the urge to spend it.

So the Saving option that the banks gave me was a “Savings pocket” this a separate account that is linked to the main one that you can not draw from and the interest is set to 3% and the only way to withdraw funds is to go into the bank and give a seven day notice, if you needed to have instant access there would be an Admin fee, This option was special Saves account only available for Students because the aim is to encourageRead More »Saving,Investing so Emotional