Red Bull Music Academy H∆SHTAG$ Season II

H∆SHTAG$ Season II

As more and more of the global population comes of age online, the distinction between URL and IRL becomes increasingly hazy. We live in a world of open-source subcultures, where the hyper-local and the hyper-specific never stay that way for long. H∆SHTAG$ Season II focuses in on what happens after a homebrewed music scene or movement becomes a global phenomenon. Who’s left standing once a trend has hit peak hype?

H∆SHTAG$  – Season II A discussion on internet music phenomena and digital culture
H∆SHTAG$ – Season II A discussion on internet music phenomena and digital culture

From the streets of Durban to the hard drives of Europe’s dance music vanguard via WhatsApp: these are the coordinates that map out the journey of South Africa’s recent club craze, gqom. Continue reading “Red Bull Music Academy H∆SHTAG$ Season II”

New piece from Sean Munnick

Sean Munnick is 1 half of Munnibrotherz brother of the late Four7 nigurr.


Brothers from a small town called Port Elizabeth on the coast of South Africa. We basically grew up listening to all sorts of music but simultaneously took an interest in #minimal / #tech/ #electro house. We started producing, or more like playing around on production software since 2004 and djing since 2006. Over the years we’ve progressed a lot production wise and started playing Continue reading “New piece from Sean Munnick”

Kid Fonque 100% South African Electronic Mix

” I was offered the chance to mix a 100% South African Electronic Mix for CTEMF (Cape Town Electronic Music Festival). Lots of favorites from some amazing local talent. ” – Kid Fonquekid fonque signature pic - South African

Kid Fonque has become a vital part of South African electronic music and club culture over the last 20 years. Uniquely accomplished in both influence and scope, he is an over-achiever in every one of his roles; DJ, Producer Label Owner, promoter and more recently, Radio Presenter.

Firmly established as a tastemaker in South Africa, Kid Fonque’s influence can be felt and heard in the music of the many artists he has helped nurture with his role as label manager of Africa’s seminal dance label Soul Candi Records and now his new venture with Jullian Gomes in their new label Stay True Sounds. source – Kid Fonque FB Continue reading “Kid Fonque 100% South African Electronic Mix”

New Gorillaz Mixtape Inspired by kick-ass Female Electronic Musicians


Gorillaz member Noodle shared a eclectic mix exclusively featuring work by women artists, with material spanning the last 50 years.

For the 30-minute selection, the cartoon artist ties together tracks from Hyperdub affiliate Fatima Al Qadiri, American electronic music pioneer Laurie Anderson, Canadian art pop musician Grimes, and more. : source Thump

It seems like slowly but surely, animated aughties musical sensation Gorillaz are making their way back into the zeitgeist, releasing a a slew of new (non-music) content in the build-up to the release of a brand new album.  : Source papermag Continue reading “New Gorillaz Mixtape Inspired by kick-ass Female Electronic Musicians”