PS Daily Challenge Day Four – Collaging

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PS Daily Challenge Day Four –
Collaging, using the cutting & selection tools in Photoshop.

At first, this looked very simple and I quickly got the hang of it but I was struggling with creativity because collaging is so abstract and I didn’t want it to look too cluttered.

So in comparing this to my last two projects they where very dence, in this collage project I wanted to see more negative space and Stil have the looking up theme going from the first one.

So I when on Unsplash looking for vintage style images and found a lady looking up, a Ski lift with a person that is taking a snapshot then finally I found a fighter plane in the sky, these images are from Greg Kantra, Cody Hiscox & Rodrigo Rodriguez.

I then started to arrange the files from bottom left to top right have the plane as the point of focus, I also desaturated, muted the colours and sharpened the overall project just a bit giving it more of a procced look.

The three images I used on this book cover are from Unsplash and the artist are Greg KantraCody Hiscox & Rodrigo Rodriguez.