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Esa Williams’s debut EP

Who is Esa | Esa Williams’s – ESA AWEH EP

London based South African, Esa Williams is part of a unique breed of talent challenging the electronic music scene. Drawing influences from his roots but firmly looking towards the future, he embodies a sound without limitations.
A charismatic and energy filled DJ as well as a gifted producer, his impressive and evolving output spans his early productions on his own Rememory Music label, to collaborations with Auntie Flo and the much-touted Highlife World Series. Take a trip through his back catalogue, one can find a distinct yet expansive musical identity of vibrant, rhythmic and wholeheartedly positive productions. His music is represented by acclaimed imprints such as Local Talk, Burek, Omena, Fina Recordings and Hello Sailor.

ESA | Esa Williams’s
ESA | Esa Williams’s

Esa carved out a niche curating electronic music-focused educational programmes in Cuba, East Africa and South Africa. Using his knowledge and skills he inspired a new generation of enthusiastic DJ’s and producers around the world. Esa Williams’s takes pride in championing music from artists who may have fallen through the cracks. He can be regarded as a creative polymath being able to connect the dots on many cultural, historical, musical and technical levels | more at


Esa Williams’s debut EP Aweh on Dekmantel Records || For Williams, Aweh, which is Capetonian slang for “awareness”, spreads the message of his continuous musical journey and presents his many musical partnerships. Especially, ‘Blast’ shows a true master piece on this release and is a perfect mixture of eerie Afro-noise with staggering traditional Gogo music vocals. “It’s very special to me”, Williams says about the track. “I made this when I was in Uganda to record an album with the children of the legendary Tanzanian artist Hukwe Zawose, including Msafiri Zawose. One of them, Pendo Zawose, had an extremely powerful presence and was doing incredible backing vocals. I wanted to see what she would do if I presented her something totally different, so I put on an extended version of a modern kwaito beat I got from Narch Beats. We only did one take, but her vocals completely blew me away.” | extract from Dekmantel

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