New piece from Sean Munnick

Sean Munnick is 1 half of Munnibrotherz brother of the late Four7 nigurr.


Brothers from a small town called Port Elizabeth on the coast of South Africa. 

We basically grew up listening to all sorts of music but simultaneously took an interest in #minimal / #tech/ #electro house.

We started producing, or more like playing around on production software since 2004 and djing since 2006. Over the years we’ve progressed a lot production wise and started playing.

Our tracks at clubs in our hometown where we got a lot of recognition and credit for our work from DJ’s all over SA. 

MunniBrotherz took flight when we both decided that we going to tackle something different and much bigger, with the aim of breaking into the international market and expressing more of our ideas and creativity into our tracks. source MunniBrotherz

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