PS Daily Challenge Day One – Blending Modes

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PS Daily Challenge Figuring out blend modes.

PS Daily Challenge a two-week challenge run by Adobe for the month of Feb walking through the tools in Photoshop. So I’ve challenged my self to figure out Photoshop and learn a new tool and add it to my skill list.

So Comparing XARA to Photoshop, in Xara, the workspace and flow are very fluid, you aren’t contained to a layer structure and the rendering of shades are instantaneous compared to PS “drag and test” approach.

Now with the latest version of PS it is running a lot smoother because i don’t have a fast system, I can now run it without glitches.

So in this first post, Adobe walks through the making of a poster using blending modes. In my poster, I played off of a quote about not giving up.

“Success step by step no matter how high the mountain”

In this Project, I used images from photographers
LoboStudio Hamburg & Heidi Sandstrom

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