PS Daily Challenge Day Three – Modifying Templates

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PS Daily Challenge Day Three – Modifying Templatess

So in Day three, we worked with the Templates feature in Photoshop allows you to use premade Mockups such as Books, Cups and Shirts with premade textures and lighting effects so you can quickly visualise your image on a physical object. This I found a little tricky their where a lot of layers that were linked to each and I couldn’t quite figure out how that worked, but I followed along with the tutorial video and managed to place a cover image on the mockup book.

The inspiration for this cover comes from how we from a young age interact with technology and feed it with our minds and souls, and so asking “would we even now be able to live without it.”

The three images I used on this book cover are from Unsplash and the artist are Chris Fuller & Samuel Zeller, the Lightleak I found online a long time ago and can’t remember.