Three-week Film Challenge | Girls vs Guys

The Media Workshop has set this Film challenge to put what we have learned so far to the test and feel how each role in the film making process works.

The challenge involved two teams: Girls vs Guys. Each team was given a task to create one Film skit per week – over the course of three weeks – each with different themes and durations. The trick was to start with the shortest, then adding 15 seconds every week after that.

Below are the three skits that were created by the girl’s team, also known as “The Ghelz”. #SkitChallenge – excerpt written by That’s my Crown

Girls Night Out

Name: Girls Night Out
Theme: Girls Night Out
Duration: 45 seconds
Cast: Hlamvu Yose, Ntsika Ngini-Ngini, Gugu Sinalo

Girls Night Out is about a woman’s cliched perspective on how men tend to act when girls just want to have fun on their own. She warns girls on the different type of men they might encounter on a night out.

Slide in the DM

Name: Slide in the DM
Theme: Slide in the DM
Duration: 1 minute
Cast: Nolonwabo Jack, Ntsika Ngini-Ngini with Lilanga.

The last skit, Slide in the DM, tells the story of a girl in conflict. She likes a guy, but doesn’t know if she should make the first move or wait for him instead.

Indoda Yethu

Name: Indoda Yethu
Theme: Anniversary Date
Duration: 30 seconds
Cast: Zuki Kula, Mbhali Msuthwana with Lilanga

Indoda Yethu explores a day in a man’s life, who is caught up in a love triangle between two women – his wife and his sidechick. He goes on a date, only to find that the date is in-fact his anniversary date.

Meet Our Team

NQF4 2019


Actor | Director | Photography


Producer | Director | Script Supervisor
Makeup | Actor


Art Direction| Set dressing | Prop Mistress | Actor


Script Writer | Set Dressing | Actor


Photographer | Camera Operator | Lighting | Sound | Editing


Actor | Script Writer | Director

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