Vinny’s 21st Birthday Shoot | Magennis Park & Willowdam

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Vinny’s 21st Birthday Shoot in Magennis park & Willowdam area, I was betting on the light cloud cover to aid in cutting back on the harsh afternoon light, and we were in good time with the afternoon breeze blowing in a light cloud cover for the area and so we got some really great shots.

Big thanks to Rava also known as “Die Kleurlingklong” for contracting me for Vinny’s shoot and photography at the reception venue, which was the Volkswagen People Pavilion. This was also my first time shooting there, it was really interesting and would love to have another opportunity to shoot there again with more time, also I liked how the afternoon sun pushed through the windows on the top floor.

Vinny's 21st Birthday Shoot at Willow dam
Vinny's 21st Birthday Shoot at Magennis park
Vinny's 21st Birthday Shoot at Magennis park | some details.
Vinny's 21st Birthday Shoot at The Old Rail House
A street shot of Vinny In Park lane next to Magennis park
Portrait of Vinny at Magennis park

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